Welcome to Hanah's Himalayans!

I am a small breeder from Bahrain. My passion and love for animals led me to specialize in Himalayan cats. The Himmy's have a beautiful silky coat, blue eyes and a color point pattern which inlcudes coloring in their face, ears, paws and tail. They have a light solid body of a Persian and darker points like a Siamese. The combination makes the Himalayans one of the worlds most popular cats. It's the personality that really won my heart though! They are full of personality.

Hanah's Himalayans are pure bred, mainly dollface Seal points, often Chocolate, Blue points and Lilac points. The kittens are lovely, chunky, fluffy little things and will come to you properly socialized and fully vaccinated. All are bundles of fun and joy with lovely tempremants and are bred lovingly in our home.

You can adopt your kitten after 11-12 weeks old, Only into loving homes and Must be kept indoors their entire life.